What is a Magic Mushroom Dispensary?

A magic mushrooms dispensary in canada is a legal establishment that sells mushrooms and related products including capsules, tinctures, and edibles. These products are typically marketed for their potential therapeutic benefits, which include relief from depression, anxiety, and PTSD as well as promoting personal growth and spiritual experiences. Many dispensaries also offer guided mushroom experiences, therapy sessions, and educational workshops.

While Colorado law has loosened in the wake of voters’ approval of psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs, it still makes possession illegal. But a gray market has emerged that allows people to buy and sell the mushrooms without fear of prosecution. That includes people like James, who declined to give his last name and works at a dispensary called Shroomyz in downtown Vancouver.

Finding the Best Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Ottawa

He has a few customers come in each week to buy the mushrooms, which he cooks and treats to reduce their toxicity. He sells them in capsules, gummies and powders. He also has mycology growth kits that could allow a user to grow their own, though he asks buyers to sign a form saying they won’t.

The dispensary is one of a growing number in Canada that are selling psilocybin mushrooms and related products, but they operate in the shadows. The government has turned a blind eye to the stores and websites that sell the drugs, which are still federally illegal. Possession can carry penalties from a state level felony to a first degree felony, depending on the amount and whether police believe there was intent to distribute or sale.

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