Wetpour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance is one of the safest and durable playground flooring surfaces available. Its impact absorbing properties and range of colours make it an ideal choice for any play area, however like anything in life wetpour does require some maintenance to ensure it remains as good as new.

As with all rubber safety surfaces, wet pour does not typically need extensive maintenance but a few procedures carried out on a regular basis are essential to keep it looking clean and preventing the build-up of organic growths such as weeds or moss which can make the surface grubby, dirty and unattractive. It is also vital that any damage or tears are fixed immediately to prevent the water leaking underneath the surface and causing further damage.

Exploring Innovative Techniques in Wetpour Surface Preservation

Wet pour should be brushed daily to remove any grass, weeds or leaves that may have gathered. This helps to maintain the EPDM rubber safety surfacing and stops weeds or moss growing within the pores of the material. Wet pour can be hosed down with a light power wash when necessary to help keep the surface clean and free from contaminants.

Wetpour is designed to be self-draining, so if areas are blocked by tree roots or if the surface gets wet and clogged with standing water then this can cause problems. In these instances it is advisable to have a professional carry out a band repair as shown in the image above. Band repairs are a quick and effective way to fix these issues without the need for ripping up and replacing the whole of the surfacing.

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