Round Stickers

round stickers

Whether it’s for products, promotions, weddings or parties, round stickers are a classic sticker shape. They’re fun and functional. Create them in Canva with our free drag-and-drop design tools and order prints to go!

Vinyl circle stickers | Vinyl Status  come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and can be made out of paper, plastic or vinyl with temporary or permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. They can be attached to just about anything – lunch boxes, paper, notebooks, walls, cars, windows and more.

They’re great for branding or promoting your business, and they can be used to label and identify items such as food packaging, bottles of drink, jars of jelly, notebooks, books, pens, and more. They can also be used to mark products with dates, ingredients, or shelf life.

The Benefits of Using Round Stickers for Your Product Packaging

Some stickers are used for promoting political causes, especially in America where bumper stickers have been popular for years. They’re a way to show support for a cause, and they can be placed on automobiles, mailboxes, and other surfaces.

There are many different types of round stickers, including individual cut-to-size labels and rolls that allow for faster machine application with a label gun. Rolls are recommended for printing orders of 250 stickers or more that will be resold to customers.

A very popular type of sticker, circular stickers can be kiss-cut, single cut or border cut. The kiss-cut and single-cut stickers are cut down to the exact size of your artwork, while the border-cut labels have an edge that perfectly mirrors the kiss-cut sticker shape.

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