Resin Flooring Outside

When it comes to flooring for outdoor spaces, you want something durable, water-resistant and slip-resistant. Resin flooring is a great choice for these types of surfaces. It can withstand the elements and can be customised to create a unique design for your space. Resin floors also offer excellent chemical resistance against spillages such as hot and soft drinks, soaps and bleaches.

Resin flooring outside can tolerate both high and low temperatures, so it is an ideal choice for outdoor areas. It can also resist moisture and is highly resistant to mould and mildew. The durability of resin-based flooring means it can withstand the constant use of vehicles and foot traffic, meaning it will last for years.

Bringing the Outdoors In: Exploring Resin Flooring Outside

We can also provide systems that are SuDS compliant, which helps to reduce the amount of rainfall running off the surface and into drainage channels rather than stagnating on the floor. This system mimics natural drainage and allows the water to sink into the earth below, reducing the chance of flooding.

Resin flooring outside is available in a range of colors and designs to suit any style. It is also extremely easy to clean and maintain, making it the perfect choice for homes or businesses with a lot of foot traffic.

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