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The body is a complex system of interconnected parts, each with its own functions. This is why integrative health care springfield takes a whole-person approach to treat patients. It incorporates complementary therapies and conventional healthcare methods to promote healing in all aspects of a person’s life. Complementary practices such as acupuncture, massage therapy, mindfulness practices, and diet changes can help improve symptoms and overall health. Integrative health also emphasizes multimodal interventions or the combination of different treatments for a specific condition.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has a database of research studies on complementary and integrative health approaches, called CAM on PubMed. The database includes citations from NLM’s MEDLINE┬« journal collection as well as articles from other life science journals and books. It also links to full-text articles from selected websites. The CAM on PubMed database is free and is updated daily.

The Role of Nutrition in Integrative Health Care: A Springfield Perspective

Dr Anne Roberts is a board-certified integrative medicine specialist in Springfield, MO and has over 34 years of experience. She graduated from Yale Univ Sch of Med.

Dr Roberts uses a holistic approach to treating her patients and is always open to new approaches. She believes in natural approaches to healing, such as dietary modification, supplementation, hormone balancing, and stress reduction. Her traditional training from Hopkins University, Yale School of Medicine, and Mayo Clinic gives her a world-class understanding of the biochemical foundation for disease, which helps her to imagine how lifestyle, nutrient deficiencies, or hormone imbalances might be contributing to a patient’s medical problem.

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