Shisha Vibe Launches Responsible Disposal InitiativeShisha Vibe Launches Responsible Disposal Initiative

Shisha Vibe has become a name synonymous with quality for its premier selection of shisha pipes, e-liquids and accessories since 2013. The company’s top-tier products have earned it a reputation as the UK’s premiere retailer.

However, the lounge’s business has been complicated in recent months after a shooting death just a block away from its location on Bayswater Avenue spurred local concerns about increased crime. The city suspended the lounge’s license in December, citing issues with the management and security of the property. The decision came amid a growing chorus of voices saying that Shisha Vibe is to blame for a spike in violence in the area.

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In an effort to mitigate the negative impacts of their disposable vaping products, Shisha Vibe has partnered with Waste Care, an innovative recycling and waste management service provider with expertise in hazardous waste removal. The new initiative, available at all of Shisha Vibe’s retail stores, offers customers and the community easy access to 30-litre bins that encourage responsible disposal of their single-use devices.

The company also partnered with Stamp Me, an all-in-one digital loyalty card solution that simplifies the process of earning rewards at their store locations. The app tracks customer purchases and rewards accumulation, automatically triggering an in-app notification when a user has reached the redemption threshold. To further entice customers to join the loyalty program, Shisha Vibe offers a variety of different rewards that are redeemable in-store including free liquids and vape kits.