What Makes a Good Lead Dog?What Makes a Good Lead Dog?

Whether you dream of running the Iditarod or just being the lead dog in your own pack, you need to know where your leader wants you to go and how to get there. That’s what makes a good lead dog.

The dogs who run in the front of a sled dog team are known as lead dogs or wheel dogs and they set the pace for the entire team. Mushers look for dogs with a lot of drive and intelligence to help them navigate the myriad obstacles that are encountered on the trail. These include bad snow, icy water and drop-offs that make driving difficult. A great lead dog will instinctively know how to handle these situations and guide the other dogs to safety. Learn more https://www.ravenox.com/collections/pet-supplies

A sled dog with the right attitude is a big asset for a musher, too. A good lead dog will be excited to run and will not give up when things get tough. They are a team player and understand that the success of the entire team is dependent on their performance.

Leading the Way: The Essential Guide to Being a Lead Dog Owner

Lead poisoning in sled dogs occurs most often when dogs orally ingest lead paint, but lead is also able to be absorbed through the skin and inhaled. Puppies and young dogs who explore new areas can be particularly at risk of consuming lead by chewing on objects that are left behind. If your dog is displaying signs of lead poisoning, call a veterinarian immediately.