Multi-Function 18 Inch Dog LeashMulti-Function 18 Inch Dog Leash

Keeping your 18 inch dog leash safe is the most important reason for using a leash, so you want to choose one that can withstand a lot of pulling and has features that make it easy to control your pet. This short leather leash looks high-end, with quality stitching and a heavy metal clasp. It’s rated to hold 245 pounds of pulling force and is available in four-foot, five-foot and six-foot lengths, as well as several different colors.

This multi-function leash can be used as a standard single-handled leash or in a dual-point configuration for extra control when you need to redirect your dog’s attention, such as in traffic or obedience class. You connect the handle-end clasp to an anchor point about 18 inches from your dog, which creates a loop you can grab to gain control when needed. It also has a second padded soft neoprene handle near the clip for comfort against your wrist, and a D-ring to attach accessories like poop bag holders.

The Perfect Length: Benefits of Using an 18-Inch Dog Leash for Training

This leash is a great choice for training your dog and walking them around the house. It’s also a good pick for navigating busy, distracting environments, such as the vets office or dog parks. It’s designed by Mary Cortani, an Army Master Instructor of Canine Education and founder of Operation Freedom Paws, which helps veterans, first responders, children, and others with disabilities by pairing them with dogs pulled from shelters or rescues to create lifesaving service dog teams.