Wet Pour Play Surface

wet pour play surface

Wet pour play surface, also known as EPDM poured rubber is one of the most popular playground safety surfaces and is available in an incredible array of colors. It’s durable, springy, and a lot more comfortable to fall on than wood chips or recycled tire mulch. It also doesn’t splinter and is designed to meet critical fall height requirements.

The first layer, which is often referred to as the ‘wearing’ course is made of tough EPDM rubber granules that are mixed with polyurethane binder and can be laid to a variety of depths dependent on the equipment that is placed over it. The second layer, which is often referred to as a ‘top’ course, is made of finer EPDM rubber granules that can be installed in a variety of bright, long-lasting colors. The top and base layers are interlocked, forming an extremely strong bond that makes wet pour the most durable surface on the market.

Colorful Creativity: Designing Engaging Wet Pour Play Surfaces for Kids

It can be used in a variety of settings, from schools to parks and playgrounds. The rubberised surface is also often utilized as an alternative to traditional tarmac, permeable concrete and hard paved areas in commercial premises, where it can provide a safe, non-slip, and comfortable walking surface.

The surface is easy to keep clean and maintain. Stains can be removed by hot water and a scrubbing brush or cloth and methylated spirits can be used to remove chewing gum. It can be easily drained in the event of an accident, and is also suitable for use with wheelchairs and pushchairs.

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