Bespoke EV Charging Bay Line MarkingBespoke EV Charging Bay Line Marking

bespoke EV charging bay line marking

Bespoke EV charging bay line marking become increasingly popular it’s important that car parks have the necessary bespoke EV charging bay line marking to reflect this. This helps to prevent confusion about where to park and allows EV drivers to find their nearest available charging spot.

Bespoke EV charging bay line marking is typically used in car parks, retails centres, petrol stations and private businesses. They usually consist of a sign with an EV charging symbol and painted markings to identify the space as reserved for EV drivers. They may also include information such as the charge rate and time limits for parking.

Guiding the Charge: The Importance of Clear Electric Car Charging Bay Markings

EV bay markings should be clearly visible and eye-catching from a distance to avoid confusion for motorists. They should be a bright colour to make them stand out and communicate any additional information or rules such as whether EV drivers need to move their cars once they are fully charged or any enforceable consequences for those who misuse the spaces.

We use preformed thermoplastic to create our EV charging bay markings, meaning they are fast and easy to install. This material is highly durable, resistant to direct sunlight and designed to last for years. It is also non-slip and self-cleaning, so when it rains there is a low risk of your marking becoming slippery. If you’re interested in bespoke EV charging bay line marking, get in touch with our team today to discuss your options. We are happy to work with you on a project basis or to provide an ongoing contract for multiple locations.